Biomedsearch home advanced search tools search tutorial login | create free account document detail   ischemic heart disease. Medline citation: pmid:â  11096508 â â â  owner:â  nlm â â â  status:â  publisher â â â  abstract/otherabstract: the goals of treatment of ischemic heart disease are to relieve symptoms, prevent unstable angina or myocardial infarction, and prolong life. Over the past four decades, significant advances in therapy have occurred, initially involving revascularization procedures. Although coronary bypass surgery and percutaneous catheter-based interventions continue to play an important role in therapy, appropriate medical therapy has been shown to have a major impact on the course of the disease and can decrease the need for revascularization. viagra reviews Lifestyle changes (eg, cessation of smoking) and pharmacologic therapy (eg, the use of aspirin, beta-blockers, and lipid-lowering agents) have been shown to decrease the occurrence of acute ischemic events and to prolong life in patients with coronary disease. Although it is likely that new therapies will emerge as our understanding of the basic mechanism of atherosclerosis increases, it is important to be sure that current medical therapy is provided to all appropriate patients. viagra generic Authors: schwartz related documents : 21801598â -â preliminary experience with the use of self-expanding stent as a thrombectomy device in... is generic viagra legal in united states 753148â -â determinants of long-term survival after ventricular aneurysmectomy. 15680838â -â first clinical experience with the vstent: a device for direct left ventricle-to-corona... viagra daily use blood pressure 10875598â -â techniques of exposure and stabilization in off-pump coronary artery bypass graft. viagra uk med 1415778â -â effect of acute ventricular dilatation on fibrillation thresholds in the isolated rabbi... viagra online 6979918â -â prognostic significance of angiographically documented left ventricular aneurysm from t... Publication detail: type:â  journal article â â â  journal detail: title:â  current treatment options in cardiovascular medicine â â â  volume:â  2 â â â  issn:â  1534-3189 â â â  iso abbreviation:â  curr treat options cardiovasc med â â â  publication date:â  2000â febâ  date detail: created date:â  2000-11-29 â â â  completed date:â  - â â â  revised date:â  - â â â  medline journal info: nlm unique id:â  9815942 â â â  medline ta:â  curr treat options cardiovasc med â â â  country:â  - â â â  other details: languages:â  eng â â â  pagination:â  27-36 â â â  citation subset:â  - â â â  affiliation: department of medicine, buffalo general hospital, cardinal high street, buffalo, ny 14203, usa. cheap viagra online Export citation: apa/mla format â â â  download endnote â â â  download bibtex mesh terms descriptor/qualifier: from medlineâ®/pubmedâ®, a database of the u. viagra canada online S. National library of medicine previous document:  non-q-wave myocardia. generic viagra canada viagra online canada overnight Logo
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