Is so favorable that most axons don't leave and extend into the spinal cord. By using olfactory ensheathing glia cells, which are natural migrators in the pns, researchers have gotten axons to extend out of the initial transplant region and into the spinal cord. viagra cost But it remains to be seen whether or not regenerated axons are fully functional. Fetal spinal cord tissue implants have also yielded success in animal trials, giving rise to new neurons, which, when stimulated by growth-promoting factors (neurotrophins), extend axons that stretch up and down several segments in the spinal cord. Animals treated in these trials have regained some function in their limbs. best generic viagra online Some patients with long-term spinal cord injuries have received fetal tissue transplants but the results have been inconclusive. viagra samples In animal models, these transplants appear to be more effective in the immature spinal cord than in the adult spinal cord. pfizer viagra buy online india Stem cells are capable of dividing and yielding almost all the cell types of the body, including those of the spinal cord. viagra 10 mg quanto costa Their potential to treat spinal cord injury is being investigated eagerly, but there are many things about stem cells that researchers still need to understand. viagra womens bum For example, researchers know there are many different kinds of chemical signals that tell a stem cell what to do. Some of these are internal to the stem cell, but many others are external - within the cellular environment - and will have to be recreated in the transplant region to encourage proper growth and differentiation. Because of the complexities involved in stem cell treatment, researchers expect these kinds of therapies to be possible only after much more research is done. buy generic viagra Researchers are also looking at ways to compensate for axons that, having lost their myelin sheaths, have a decreased ability to conduct the electrical impulses essential for axonal communication. Preliminary studies with compounds known as potassium channel blockers, which block the flow of ions through the demyelinated membrane and increase the potential for messages to get through, have shown some success, but mostly in terms of reducing spasticity in muscles. Further studies might show how remyelinating axons could also improve function. viagra online without prescription Stimulating regrowth of axons stimulating the regeneration of axons is a key component of spinal cord repair because every axon in the injured spinal cord that can be reconnected increases the chances for recovery of function. Research on many fronts reveals that getting axons to grow after injury is a complicated task. viagra 10 mg quanto costa Cns neurons have the capacity to regenerate, but the environment in the adult spinal cord does not encourage growth. cheap viagra Not only does it lack the growth-promoting molecules that are present in the developing cns, it also contains substances that actively inh. viagra 10 mg quanto costa Logo
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